AUM~ Pranava Mantra

"The creation has come into existence from the Prana, universal energy. The Aum sound is known as Pranava, because it is the first sound of creation. The Aum sound contains three syllables: ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’. The ‘A sound corresponds to the conscious state. The ‘U’ sound corresponds to the subconscious state, and the ‘M’... Continue Reading →


Yoga Tattwa

The definition of a yogi is 'one who is accomplished in yoga.' The higher centers must be activated, which allows one to live in the subtle states of consciousness. Swami Satyadharma (Yoga Tattwa Upanishad)

The Spirit of Yoga

Swami Satyadharma continues to bring forward the knowleadge in the ancient Yoga Upanishad texts, a much needed resource for all serious Yoga aspirants. The texts of old, give our yoga practices purpose, meaning and direction, awakening the inner mapping system and helping us to understand and remove the barriers that obstruct the light of consciousness.... Continue Reading →

Yoga & the Koshas (part 1)

Swami Satyadharma sharing her profound yet practical knowleadge on the 5 Koshas and how they operate in our lives. A beautiful program held recently with Megan Jones Yoga  at Pacific Palms connecting with like minded people and diving a little deeper into the spirit of Yoga. This is absolutely inspiring for all yoga aspirants who... Continue Reading →

Waves of Beauty

Saundarya Lahari- with Swami Satyadharma Saundarya Lahari refers to the confluence of both extrinsic divine beauty and intrinsic powers of Shridevi. A most beautiful composition by Shankaracharya to the Divine Mother. A poem that is full of the highest love, thus creating a surge of vibratory beauty when chanted.

Kriya Yoga

Just around the corner!

Swami Satyadharma Saraswati

Kriya Yoga with Swami Satyadharma-

Learn and experience the culmination of Kundalini Yoga techniques, as Swami Satyadharma presents the first 10 Kriya Yoga practices, over 5 full days.

Please note: This course is specifically for serious and committed yoga aspirants.
Invitation is extended to:

* Accredited Yoga Teachers

* Students who have completed Yogic Studies 3

* Those who have attended the 2016/2017 Kriya course or who have previously completed one of the following Deepening Sadhana courses with Swami Satyadharma: Tattwa Shuddhi, Chakra Shuddhi or Prana Vidya.

This limitation is to ensure that all participants have previous experience with the foundation techniques required for proper practice and full benefit.

The Kriya Yoga techniques belong to the Kundalini Yoga tradition. They are an important component of sadhana for aspirants who are sincerely dedicated to the awakening of the latent spiritual potential and the realization of the essential nature of the mind and consciousness.

The practices of…

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