Kriya Yoga 2017

The recent Kriya Yoga course was a beautiful gathering of people in a beautiful environment who came together to learn the profound practices of Kriya Yoga with yoga master Swami Satyadharma Saraswati.

Swami Satyadharma was given these practices by her Guru Swami Satyananda and he received them to further develop from his Guru Swami Shivananda.

To be sitting in a room together with like minded people from all walks of life, learning Kriya Yoga in such a traditional way, without texts or interpretations, simply through the transmission of the lineage, was a very sacred time for all.

How blessed we felt. 

A short video below of the beautiful participants who were beaming light all through the mountains.


Throughout the course, in addition to our Kriya sessions, we had the pleasure of daily Nada Yoga sessions with Swami Muktimurti and evening Meditations with Swami Sumitrananda.

A world class teaching team all round!

Below are some of the poems enjoyed in our evening sessions as we honoured the pure elements, an essential part of understanding the yogic view of creation.


Beautiful Earth (what a marvelous thing)

What a wonderful joy it is to see,
 The beauty of nature and its majesty.

Everything blends, entwines and embraces,
 Spaced precisely in their designated places.

What a marvel to see, I wish I were a bee,
 Flying free,
 Smelling life’s roses, no particular place to be.

How can it be, such a marvel to see
 When it’s possessed by such as you and me?

Ours to have, cherish, and protect,
 Not to pollute, take for granted, nor neglect.

Enjoy the earth, treat it kind
 After all it is ours, yes… yours and mine.

Kathye D. Perry

Have you felt the essence of water
 as she slips through your fingers?
 She is wild and invigorating
 ~She is spiritual~
 She sustains life and is sacred
 She's both inspirational and moody
 Divinely speaks in beautiful mystery
 At times she will awaken 
 All tranquility is disturbed
 She gently cleanses both hands and souls
 Quietly waters your gardens in Eden
 Fiercely drowns your private Hells
 The essence of water
 as she slips through your fingers
 is wild and invigorating
 ~She is transforming~

Tonya Maria

Kindled and established on the earth,

The Fire Divine rises and spreads over all created worlds.

May the Fire Divine, the invoker and purifier

Eternal, all-wise and adorable,

Establish our relations with Natures forces (Rig. 2.3.1.)

The Air

I am the force that powers Sailing Ships

That medium in which birds soar and fly

I surround the surface of the living Earth

Constantly moving between earth and sky.

Supplying the oxygen needs of living things

Giving life to the flames of the burning fire

I am the element that suspends the clouds.

Their soft whites plumes reaching ever higher.

Within the destructive heart of the Tornado

I am the awesome movement there.

I am the living breath of Mother Nature.

I am the atmosphere, the Wind, the Air

John downunder

 Without the orchestra of the universe,
 There would be no ether. 
 And without its instrumentation
 By the ether, 
 There would be no waves. 
 And without any waves, 
 There would be no sound. 
 And without sound, 
 There would be no music. 
 And without music, 
 There would be no life. 
 And without a life force, 
 There would be no matter. 
 But it does not matter - 
 Because what is matter, 
 If there is no light?”

Suzy Kassem

Akasha is not empty space

It is ether. Ether is a subtle dimension

of existence. Without Akasha

You cannot live for a moment


And now, we are about to start getting ready for the Maha Vidya Sadhana in September!

Another time to come together and honour the divine within and all around for 10 days with Swami Satyadharma.

We are looking forward to sharing more about this sadhana with you all soon.

Om Tat Sat

2 thoughts on “Kriya Yoga 2017

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  1. That’s a wonderful interpretation of the creativity brought foward by these practices the element of letting go and allowing it to flow is apparent while the like minded people are allowed to gather and emit their energies to enhance the process of reflect and effect
    Sure looks to have been a grand time had by all and much appreciated feedback by yourself
    Hari Omm Tatsat

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bhaktivedante
    As the people gather around across their heads comes Krishna sound to let its drops form pure enhance to lift their lives and make them dance through meditation it will form the Krishna cycle is reborn.

    Liked by 1 person

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