Meditations from the Tantras- 9 Day Retreat


A 9 Day Retreat that replenished all participants from the core as Swami Satyadharma shared the ancient yogic meditation practices from the Tantras.

​​A deep and life changing Sadhana that emerged day by day with the support of Swami Sumitrananda, Swami Gyanmurti and Sannyasi Gangadhara.

Mangrove Yoga was the perfect setting, offering a natural environment that gave constantly, each day revealing another layer of beauty and peace.

Daily invocations of the benevolent force within and all around through the beautiful chanting practices were potent and uplifting for all present.

Hearts were wide open, minds were soft and the guiding force of Meditation Master Swami Satyadharma, helped all to transcend beyond the known reality of time, space and object, to experience the luminosity within.

Such were the blessings of this retreat…


We received so many beautiful cards, flowers, letters and gifts on the last day of the retreat. We are not sure where they all came from considering we were in the forest…

On behalf of the support teachers, Mangrove Yoga and Swami Satyadharma- Thank you to all of the participants for your love and spectacular meditating skills. Let’s do it again next year!

One of the many beautiful sentiments shared~

“Dear Swami Satyadharma, my deepest gratitude and love for once again allowing me to receive your wonderful knowleadge which has so enriched my life again and again, reconnecting me to my source. Thank you Thank you Thank you.”

The closing Havan, offering back to the nature that supports us and planting the seed to stay connected to the spirit of yoga.


The last day of chanting Saundarya Lahari.

From verse 89.

Om Tat Sat


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