Puja Tables & Ma

Swami Satyadharma-  Mahavidya Sadhana

QUESTION: I have a question Swamiji. How do we learn to love more? We try to love, but we are also human…

SW SATYADHARMA: It’s all abstract, it is all in your mind. You have to express it, not in an abstract way, because in the abstract the mind, the emotions, they go up, down, this way, that way and all around. They drag you around. That’s why you need the table. The table becomes a focus which is in the world, to be your expression, and when you sit in front of that table, then you control the mind, you control the emotions. Even if you’re feeling ‘grrrrr’, you say to Ma, “I’m feeling grrrrrr, I really love you a lot Ma, please help me with this grrrrr.” It has a focus then and it gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

We are trying to do everything in this Jnana yoga way, in this mental, intellectual way. Nothing is working for us, actually. We need something in front of us, that’s Ma. That’s the energy. Then talk it through with Ma. She can help you. Who else can help you? You can’t help yourself because you are lost in that. She is the only one who can help us. I really believe that with all my heart. I don’t think we can do that much. We can try to help each other, and we do, but it’s never like a lasting benefit. Whereas, when Ma helps, hey….


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