Chit, Chitta, Buddhi & Manas


Is Chitta related to Buddhi?

Swami Satyadharma-

That is a very good question. I suppose you could say so. Chitta is actually meaning individual consciousness and Chitt means the Universal consciousness, so there is Chitt and Chitta. So Chitta is actually our consciousness. It’s our subconscious and our unconscious.

Buddhi isn’t consciousness but buddhi is the quality of awareness. That is a quality of consciousness. And Ahamkara is a quality of I’ness a quality of self-identification. So the quality of awareness, the quality of self-identification effects the consciousness. But Chitta is the consciousness and chitta is the content of the consciousness which is all the expressions, the experiences and so on, the memories. So Chitta is the memories and it is the consciousness, which contains the memories.   So the subconscious and the unconscious. Manas is the conscious waking mind. The mind that we know now.

But the conscious waking mind is only a very small part of your entirety of consciousness. Supposing your whole consciousness your whole individual consciousness is this room. OK? Is this room, the whole room. But your manas will be only this much of it. Very small part. Your consciousness, your conscious awareness is very small in relation to your subconscious, your unconscious and your super conscious. So that is what Chitta is. Chitta really means your consciousness.




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