Intuition & Yoga


What yoga practice strengthens intuition best and what is the greatest benefit or benefits of actually using intuition for yourself and others?

Swami Satyadharma- 

In brief, actually, all yoga practices. Why? Because in every yoga, in every yoga we are developing awareness. We think that when we do hatha yoga we are just doing something for the body but that is not true. When we practice Hatha yoga we are becoming aware of the body and there is a lot to understand and to know from the body.

The body has its own knowledge and if we can learn to listen to it we can learn a lot from the body – the body can tell us a lot of things about itself and also about other people and things around us too. So Hatha Yoga is for the body but no, hatha yoga is also to develop awareness and to learn to listen to the body. That’s a form of intuition.

Then you can take other yogas as well especially the yoga of meditation or Raja Yoga, or Gyan Yoga and of course that is developing awareness of the mind and of the different levels of consciousness. Now there we are going to be working with intuition face to face and we will be learning to be aware of first the thinking mind, the rational mind, so we will know what is blocking intuition.

In meditation we will become aware of those – of what is blocking our intuition, it is all of our thought processes and conditioning. So we will become aware of those, the senses, the pull of the senses the desires in the world so in meditation we will become aware of those – what is blocking intuition and then slowly our meditation will take us into the deeper levels of consciousness, the subconscious where we can learn many things, there is much knowledge in the subconscious and then to the unconscious and finally the superconscious where intuition comes from. Where you know the most important and the knowledge of the divine comes from.

So Raja Yoga, Gyan yoga these are very important for developing intuition. Mantra Yoga, where we practice the mantra – the special sound and we create a vibration within us and then slowly if we practice that, we slowly begin to hear inner sound – we begin to hear the inner voice but this is not the voice of the rational mind this is the voice of the subconscious, the unconscious mind so we begin to become aware of intuition. When we practice the mantra, the Japa the sound, that is very important. When we practice Bhakti the yoga of emotion, devotion, we become aware of the heart this is another area where we have to develop our sense of inner communion and listening to, to listen to the heart, because the heart too can teach us much.

So every yoga basically, I am just giving you a few examples but every yoga is about intuition. So it is important that we have that insight into yoga and we see that really behind the yoga, there is something much, much more. Something that we are looking for, within ourselves. Not something that’s gone missing, something that’s there, but we have somehow not known.


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