A few words on Tantra

Let’s look at Tantra, Tantra has two roots. Tanoti plus triati. Tanoti means liberation of energy, energy is really important here, you won’t find it in any of the systems that followed. Triati means expansion of consciousness. Without the liberation of energy there will be no expansion of consciousness. That is the basis of Tantra.

Tantra is the mother of yoga and the dynamic yogas and the dynamic meditation too. In Tantra we find an important principle, which is the use of energy to control the mind. You don’t have to control the mind by the mind, because that’s not very easy to do. If you have tried to do that you will know, because the mind has its own way, its own world. But the energy is a little different, it’s easier to get a grip and there are practices we can use to get control over the energy. Then we can see how that affects the mind.

This is the approach of Tantra.

The whole approach is different…

When we use energy to control the mind, the whole system of mind expansion unfolds, which is free from suppression. This was the thing about Tantra, Tantra accepted everything, everything in life, there was no suppression. Everything could be a means of meditation. Going for a walk in the morning, drinking your coffee, relaxing at night with a girl or boy, you don’t have to avoid sexuality, make it your meditation. Enjoy, but meditate on that, because whatever that meditation is that you do naturally, is with a free flow of energy.

The first system that carried yoga was Tantra, and Tantra is considered something like the mother of yoga and yoga is the son.


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