Flinders Island Retreat- 2017 Coming Soon!

2016 Retreat at Flinders Island

Maintaining the Magic – Tattwa Shuddhi with Swami Satyadharma

This program was billed “for the adventurous” & took place within the small friendly community of Killiecrankie Bay, northern Flinders Island, Tasmania – surrounded by the fresh, unpolluted waters of Bass Strait. A small group ventured onto the 18 seater plane. The ride was about an hour from bustling Melbourne, and filled with a sense of excitement & discovery. After landing at Whitemark Airport participants were met by a relaxed, friendly guide for the last leg of the trip- a 40 minute drive along quite & often spectacularly scenic country roads, where the driver exchanged waves with every passing vehicle.

Undaunted our group of adventurers arrived at the Oakridge Holiday Home & Studio. Here some set up camp, others settled into their rooms & yet others seemed to disappear into the bushland! After a stretch of legs along the stunningly beautiful beach & a lovely meal the program began in earnest.

Now the magic really starts to weave.

Within the cosy, softly lit sadhana room, mantras were chanted, names & dreams were exchanged & logistics for the week were put in place. Then time began to flow like oil… smoothly program followed program, Swami Satyadharma` s words echoed around in the space, walks developed into refreshing swims, the water itself felt silky smooth, the views were mesmerising, little beaches & craggy mountains were explored, rest was luxurious, meals, laughter, our story fire all rolled into one. Before we realized it the program was ending. Our journey together was closing, a fragrance of ancient stories & wood smoke, friendships, sparkling eyes & luminous flowing garments.

Again we pack our bags to begin the return journey, richer, brighter, softer. Something Magical Swami Satyadharma promised: the treasure of friendship, the unforgettable magnificence of natural places & the deep quiet flowering of gratefulness.

And now we dream of the next offering: Chakra Darshan & Nada: Sadhana, Sanga & Sacred Space, May 3-10 2017. A vision of energy & nature; community & adventure; inspiration & profound rejuvenation.

Hari Om Tat Sat Niveditananda


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