Recommended Reading

Yoga Tattwa Upanishad

By Swami Satyadharma Saraswati

Yoga Tattwa Upanishad is an ancient treatise comprising 142 verses, which deal with the philosophy, systems and practices of yoga. This book has important topics such as mantra yoga, laya yoga, hatha yoga, raja yoga and the four stages of yoga.


Yoga Chudamani Upanishad

By Swami Satyadharma Saraswati

Delineates the ancient text of kundalini awakening and discusses the nadis, prana vayus, chakras, kundalini shakti, ajapa, gayatri and pranav. Includes original Sanskrit verses with transliteration and comprehensive commentary.


SWAN Meditation

By Swami Satyadharma Saraswati

SWAN meditation is an important method of self-study evolved by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati to help us discover our personality and improve its expression in everyday life. SWAN is an acronym for the four principles that influence our personality and direction in life:

S – strengths,
W – weaknesses,
A – ambitions, and
N – needs.
By understanding their unique expression in our life, a creative, dynamic and clear mind results.

This book is a compilation of Swami Satyadharma’s teachings on SWAN and includes both class transcriptions and theory. It forms a valuable resource for yoga practitioners, teachers and anyone who wishes to explore their inner nature.



Tattwa Shuddhi

Tattwa Shuddhi

By Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati

Theory and practical instructions on Tattwa Shuddhi, the ancient tantric practice for inner purification and transformation of the five basic elements which comprise every individual.

Prana Vidya

Prana Vidya is an advanced yogic practice distilled from the classical traditions and developed in the Satyananda Yoga System. It involves a deep exploration of prana, the life force, and develops the ability to channel this underlying principle of existence.

Karma Yoga Book 1: Karma

Karma Yoga Series

Karma introduces the vast field of karma yoga, laying a foundation for understanding the more specific aspects.

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