Tattwa Shuddhi

Begin the new year exploring your psyche under the guidance of master teacher, Swami Satyadharma. Take a five day intensive journey into Tattwa Shuddhi, a tantric practice which purifies and balances the five elements (tattwas) at a deeply meditational level. Swami Satyadharma will discuss the yogic view of the tattwas and lead the practices.

Become familiar with each of the 5 elements (tattwas)

  • Learn how to use yantra, mantra and visualisation to purify

  • Experience a deeper understanding of consciousness

  • Awaken joy and wisdom of the heart

The daily program includes morning yoga classes (aligning with the tattwas), tattwa nidra, mantra chanting, yantra, satsang and Tattwa Shuddhi sessions/meditations.

This course is for serious yoga practitioners who wish to go deeper and to learn directly from a master teacher. This is a rare opportunity – not many teachers are qualified to teach a practice as powerful as Tattwa Shuddhi.

January 2018 (dates to be confirmed)



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