Meditations from the Tantras

Become immersed in an extended

9-day silent retreat guided by Internationally Respected Master Teacher, Swami Satyadharma.

 Tantra lights the path towards inner illumination & purity, guiding the diverse nature of mind to become an instrument of peace and benevolence in all aspects of our daily life.

 Meditations from the Tantras, are a collection of practices that work with consciousness and energy, evoking the emergence of the witness and the form

 Participation in these practices requires a certain calibre of a teacher, duration of retreat and a peaceful environment for awakening and expansion

 Committing to the 9 Day, intensive Meditation retreat, will enable you to absorb, experience and develop the ancient and profound teachings of Tantra in its most pure form

 Every day, be guided into the esoteric meditations that work with purifying energy centres, systems and channels, including chakra shuddhi, by Swami Satyadharma

  • During the retreat, learn how to cultivate mindfulness through the practice of Mouna (silence) and experience a deeper understanding of your internal environment and the nature of mind

  •  Nourish & support the body during the sadhana with specifically designed Yoga classes, Yoga Nidra, wholesome vegetarian food & fresh forest air
  •  Purify the perception and return to daily life with a sense of wonder, gratitude and acceptance
  •  Take home a range of practices to utilise, along with invaluable knowledge and direct experience

 Tantra Sadhana is at the root of all yoga and most revered by the awakened masters who have gone before us. Delivered by an adept teacher capable of guiding each participant deeper into their own light, wisdom & peace, this is an incredible experience to be a part of for all sincere yoga & mediation students.

NB. *The depth and quality of the practices completed in your attendance on Meditations from the Tantras, will also prepare and qualify you to attend the upcoming, renowned and specialised Kriya Yoga course with Swami Satyadharma in July 2017, which is only available to sufficiently prepared participants!


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