Transmission Guru Swami Satyadharma Saraswati Although Swami Satyananda was best known and loved for his public talks and works, he had a very private and inner nature as well. Those sevaks and sannyasins who experienced his association for long periods would become familiar with this side of him. Just as he shared his wisdom and... Continue Reading →

Guru Purnima ~ The full moon in July

Swami Satyadharma Saraswati Guru is the sun, the energy of life. When the disciple feels the guru's energy or grace flowing through him bountifully, all goes well. However, when he feels the supply is low, he goes through very dark periods. It is not easy to accept the guru as an immense powerhouse until his... Continue Reading →

Karma Yoga in the Ashram

Ashram life is the concept of everybody living, studying and working together as equals. Nobody is better, richer or cleverer. In this spirit everybody lives together and contributes towards the atmosphere to their utmost capacity. Karma yoga is the work that we do. It may seem as if we are doing this work for the... Continue Reading →

AUM~ Pranava Mantra

"The creation has come into existence from the Prana, universal energy. The Aum sound is known as Pranava, because it is the first sound of creation. The Aum sound contains three syllables: ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’. The ‘A sound corresponds to the conscious state. The ‘U’ sound corresponds to the subconscious state, and the ‘M’... Continue Reading →

Yoga Tattwa

The definition of a yogi is 'one who is accomplished in yoga.' The higher centers must be activated, which allows one to live in the subtle states of consciousness. Swami Satyadharma (Yoga Tattwa Upanishad)

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