Become immersed in an extended 9-day silent retreat guided by Internationally Respected Master Teacher, Swami Satyadharma.  Tantra lights the path towards inner illumination & purity, guiding the diverse nature of mind to become an instrument of peace and benevolence in all aspects of our daily life.  Meditations from the Tantras, are a collection of practices that... Continue Reading →

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Puja Tables & Ma

Swami Satyadharma-  Mahavidya Sadhana QUESTION: I have a question Swamiji. How do we learn to love more? We try to love, but we are also human... SW SATYADHARMA: It’s all abstract, it is all in your mind. You have to express it, not in an abstract way, because in the abstract the mind, the emotions,... Continue Reading →

The Five Koshas

The five koshas, or dimensions, of our being are what give a purpose and a meaning to yoga. We are all much more than we appear to be. The koshas provide a map of our inner being from the gross or physical to the subtle or spiritual. This knowledge allows us to put all the... Continue Reading →

Chit, Chitta, Buddhi & Manas

Question: Is Chitta related to Buddhi? Swami Satyadharma- That is a very good question. I suppose you could say so. Chitta is actually meaning individual consciousness and Chitt means the Universal consciousness, so there is Chitt and Chitta. So Chitta is actually our consciousness. It's our subconscious and our unconscious. Buddhi isn’t consciousness but buddhi... Continue Reading →

Programs in Japan & Korea

Some beautiful moments during the recent programs in Japan and Korea. Swami Satyadharma sharing the ancient and rare practices of Tattwa Shuddhi, Kundalini Tantra & Traditional Kriya Yoga.      

Kundalini and the Chakras

"The knowledge of kundalini, the cosmic energy of creation, and the chakras, the psychic energy centers, is one of the greatest contributions of yoga to humanity. When the kundalini descends through the chakras, she brings our material being into existence. When she awakens, we return with her to the source of our being. All the... Continue Reading →

Intuition & Yoga

Question- What yoga practice strengthens intuition best and what is the greatest benefit or benefits of actually using intuition for yourself and others? Swami Satyadharma-  In brief, actually, all yoga practices. Why? Because in every yoga, in every yoga we are developing awareness. We think that when we do hatha yoga we are just doing... Continue Reading →

A few words on Tantra

Let’s look at Tantra, Tantra has two roots. Tanoti plus triati. Tanoti means liberation of energy, energy is really important here, you won't find it in any of the systems that followed. Triati means expansion of consciousness. Without the liberation of energy there will be no expansion of consciousness. That is the basis of Tantra. Tantra... Continue Reading →

Chaitra Navaratri, Bhakti & Sri Rama

Swami Satyadharma- discussing the teachings on Yoga from the Ramacharitamanas The Life of Kaka Bhusundi In Uttarkanda, the last chapter of Ramacharitamanas, we find the teachings on bhakti yoga delivered by Kaka Bhusundi, who was an enlightened sage in the body of a crow, to Garuda, the celestial eagle and vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Kaka... Continue Reading →

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